Measuring for your worktops

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Changing existing Worktops or replacement Worktops

All worktops should be measured in millimetres. When measuring an existing worktop layout you can use it as a template for ease. Always measure along the back wall for the length of the kitchen tops, making an allowance if the existing tops go under wall tiles. Measure kitchen top front to back making the same allowance for existing wall tiles. A standard depth worktop is 600mm deep but worktops can be ordered deeper than this if required. Make a note of the direction of the worktop joints whether they are mitre joints or metal strips. It is always advisable to direct the worktop joints away from sinks, hobs or other cutouts where possible. On the lengths of kitchen worktops we always recommend an overhang of about 5mm past the last unit. Laminated ends should be used when the worktop ends at a tall housing or freestanding appliance. Why not take a tour of our Worktop Planner / Pricer to see various layouts and the dimensions that will be required.

Measuring Worktops for a newly installed kitchen

We recommend that all base units and appliances are installed prior to measuring for new kitchen worktops. Sometimes adjustments have to be made for plumbing etc and the service area behind units may need to be extended which could result in slightly deeper worktops being required. Standard depth laminate worktops are 600mm. Our planner/pricer enables tops to be specified up to 880mm deep to cater for every eventuality.

Where you find wall dimensions not quite square it is always advisable to order slightly deeper worktops in order to trim or scribe the backs to the wall. Again the Origin laminate worktop range is a very cost-effective option.

Again should you experience any difficulty in the measuring process we would be delighted to assist by phone: 01344 309999 or email:

Worktop Care

Our high quality laminated work surfaces are very durable and given proper care and attention will give good service for many years. Whilst your worktops will be properly sealed on all finished edges, the worktop core material can be damaged by excessive steam or water and therefore it is vital that you protect vulnerable areas with a coating or bead of clear silicon, especially in any cut outs you make such as for the sink or hob or any unfinished worktop edges like the back edge. It is advisable to keep kettles, toasters or any other appliance that gets hot away from any joints. The changes in temperature may affect the joint seal over time, and this in turn may allow moisture to penetrate the worktop joint and damage the core material. Laminate worktop joints may also be affected by moisture rising from appliances such as dishwashers, or insufficient colorfill used when the the kitchen tops are fitted. Why not take a look at our worktops accessories. To protect laminate worktop edges and joints do not allow water to stand on them. Always wipe off excess water as soon as possible. Clean kitchen worktops regularly with a damp cloth, using a mild soapy solution for stains, then dry. Tea and coffee stains should be cleaned off laminate worktops immediately to prevent stubborn stains forming. Avoid using undiluted bleach on laminate worktops as this may soften the laminate and cause damage or discolouration. Do not apply polish to laminated surfaces. Do not cut objects directly on laminate kitchen worktops, always use a chopping board or other worktop saver. Do not place hot pans directly on laminate worktops. Although the laminate is heat resistant to 200 degrees centigrade you can never be sure of the temperature of the underside of the pan, and therefore we recommend the use of a panstand. High Gloss laminate worktops show scratches more easily than textured surfaces, so we do not recommend that these are installed in high use areas. When cleaning High Gloss worktops extra care should be taken to make sure there is no grit trapped in the sponge or cleaning cloth. Download our Duropal kitchen worktop care guide for further information.

Worktop Mitre Joint Installation

It is important to install and seal laminate worktop joints properly. Download our worktop mitre joint guide to installing your laminate worktops using Colorfill sealant and worktop bolts.

Worktop and Laminate Repair

In the unlikely event that your Laminate Worktops become damaged, please follow our worktop repair or laminate repair guides to repairing worktops with Colorfill. Colorfill and solvent can be ordered through our worktops accessories section.